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Mr. Atul Kumar Shukla (PGT)

Head of Dept

Mr. Hemant Kumar (PGT)
Dr. Arun Kumar Choubey (TGT)
Lab Asst






Physics is a way of understanding the nature in terms of experimental observations of time and spcae and the relevant theories. The theories are based on the concepts in Physics coupled with mathematical modeling. The laws of Physics though limited in number are able to explain large number of physical, chemical and biological systems. The Physics has the status of fundamental science and is studied as a multidisciplinary subject, the continued process of new discoveries, investigations, formulations, ideas, and inventions in Physics have kept the subject interesting and challenging.


The department of Physics has been nurtured by dedicated teachers. Mr.Autul Kumar Shukla is presently heading the department, who also functions as the NDA Incharge of the School. He is admired not only as a good teacher but as an able administrator. He was an exemplary role model for students. Mr. Arun Kumar Choubey actively nourished the department and have set  examples as excellent and dedicated teachers.


Mission :


  • Upgrading the quality of education by adopting modern communication techniques.
  • Focus on developing scientific temper.
  • Inculcate a sense of inquiry by experimentation and observation.
  • Orienting students towards application and problem solving.
  • Overall development of the department as a center of excellence.


Vision :


  • Foster quality education in Physics with global relevance.


Motto :


  • Making Winners out of Ordinary and Achievers out of Winners.