Mr. DP Rai

Senior Master (PGT)

Mr. Sandeepan Santra


Mr. Anurag Vijay


Mr. Shriman Narayan Mishra (TGT)

Mr. Devendra Pratap Singh (TGT)




Knowledge of Mathematics is the source of all wisdom on the earth. without airthmetics literacy can not complete. plato was of the openion that no body wihout the knowledge of Mathmetics should be allowed to enter his academia.


The department is headed by the School Senior Master Mr. Dhirendra Pratap Rai other jwels in the crown of mathmetics are Mr. Anurag Vijay, Mr. Shriman Narayan Mishra and Mr. Devendra Pratap Singh. The department has equisite laboratory to give practical dimension to the number system.



Mission :


  • Excellence in education and innovative training.
  • Ensure physical and mental dexterity of highest standards.


Vision :


  • Pursue value based and quality education in Mathematics.


Motto :


  • Accuracy, Simplicity and Reliability.