Mr. Mukesh Tiwari

Head of Dept (TGT)

Mr. Akhilesh Kumar Mishra





The Department of Hindi is the cog in the machine in the system. Without love for vernacular culture and civilisation of a country can not flurish. The department aims at laying the foundation of the architecture of nationalism in india. We preserve memory and history of people of this country reviewing the glory of what can be called as indianness.


Mr. Mukesh Tiwari heads the department who is a person of multifaceted personality. Besides literature he has equal intrest in music, technology and other art forms. Mr. Akhilesh Kumar Mishra awardee of NCRTE and recognition by many other agiencies as a literary genious is the other glory of this department.



Mission :


  • Inculcating the knowledge of literary traditions of this country.
  • Promoting the importance of Hindi as a national language.


Vision :


  • Strengthening the emotional integrity of the nation.
  • Contributing to the literary and cultural excellence.



Motto :



  • Hindi and Sanskrit reflects the pride of people in indian culture and civilisation, let us relive the glory.