Mr. Sushil Kumar Biswal

Head of Dept (PGT)

Mr. Santosh Kumar


Mr. Mani Bhushan Singh ( TGT)

Mr. Arun Kumar






"It is in literature that the concrete outlook of humanity receives its expression."
- Alfred North Whitehead


Since its inception, the department of English has enriched itself over the years. Beyond the confines of the classroom, the dept. aims at giving ample opportunities to the cadets to hone the art of public speaking through lectures, debates and declamation.


The effort of English department is further reinstated with the setting up of a rich language lab with latest software- a customized 34 cadets +1 teacher console. The lab gives an opportunity to the academia to sharpen their communication skills and the cadets to brush the nuances of the language. Simultaneously, it also helps them to inculcate a flair for good communication.

The department is nurtured by four faculty members headed by Mr. Sushil Kumar Biswal who has been the chief editor of school magazine right from its inception. Other faculty members of the department are Mr. Santosh Kumar Shyam , Mr. Mani Bhushan Singh and Mr. Arun Kumar.


Mission :


  • Provide leadership in education and Communication skills.
  • Encourage literary awareness among students towards world literature.


Vision :


  • Develop creative thinking and aesthetic appreciation.
  • Empower the young generation with sense of linguistic and literary evolution of man in the world.


Motto :


  • Language shapes the world therfore we shape the language.