Mathematics is described as,


“the Queen of the Sciences and the King of the Arts”.


The Math club functions as fun based activity for the junior classes basically to eradicate their phobia for the subject in their formative years. It helps the middle school children to enjoy, appreciate and acquire basic knowledge of the subject by organizing competitive group activities, puzzles in the school. Math club provides a platform for the secondary and senior secondary students to enrich and discover the elegance of the subject, its intrinsic aesthetics and inner beauty by conducting various activities in the school.



The Mathmetics cub conduts following activities,


1. Model Making activity using 3D Shapes.


2. Number game..


3.Written Puzzle.


4.Poster Making.


5.Crossword Puzzle.


6.Written Quiz.







The National Board for Higher Mathematics (NBHM) Government of India 


The National Board for Higher Mathematics (NBHM) was set up by the Government of India under the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), in the year 1983, to foster the development of higher mathematics in the country, to formulate policies for the development of mathematics, help in the establishment and development of mathematical centres and give financial assistance to research projects and to doctoral and postdoctoral scholars. NBHM functions essentially autonomously framing its own budget taking into account the funds made available by DAE. The official website of Govt of India is,



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