The Literary Club aims to develop analytical and creative thinking. It offers children opportunities to appreciate different types of literature, increase the knowledge about writers/literary figures and literary classics and showcase their own work. Children develop interest in reading, writing and enjoy taking part in debates and quiz.




Aim of The Club:



To work for the progress of Hindi language, to create interest in the student for language, to encourage their creativity in oral and writing.




Special Features:



Hindi club has achieved unexpected goals. With life‘s different colour and Human emotion, the different activities of club are always progressing.



Activities :



Activities were organized on patriotism to celebrate important days, to discuss problems of the country, environment protection, and enrichment of Hindi language.



"Hindi Diwas" Poetry recitation, speech, essay writing, skits, quiz, and debates are held round the year.






Get detailed information on Indian literature through the ages by the Centre for Cultural Resources and Training (CCRT) under the aegis of Ministry of Culture. Users can access information about the ancient Indian literature, the Purana, classical Sanskrit literature, literature in Pali and Prakrit, medieval literature, modern literature, use of mythology in literature, contemporary literature, etc. The official website of Govt of India is,

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