Mr.Sanjay Kumar Bandhu (PGT) Head of Dept
Mr.Swarup Kundu (PGT)
Mr. Nitesh Kumar Sinha (TGT)
Mr. Shambhunath Singh (TGT)

Mr. Rajiv Kumar Sharma

(Lab Asst)







Chemistry is the discipline of essence as life on earth is nothing but the reactions of chemicals of different textures and compositions.


Mr. Sanjay Kumar Bandhu a brain with highest abilities and envious caliber heads the department. Mr. Nitesh Kumar Sinha and Mr. Shambhunath Singh are the other feathers in the cap of Chemistry.



Mission :


  • Develop interest in chemical sciences.
  • Create awareness about chemistry of life on earth.


Vision :


  • Create pathways of excellence that will inspire hope and promise for a better tomorrow.


Motto :


  • Appreciate the  basis of matter and life.