Mr. Sayyed Illiyas Rabbani (PGT)

Head of Dept

Mr. Raj Kumar Ram

Lab Asst





Biology is the core of life science which deals with natural environment. If we trust the organic theory this discipline is the lungs of human knowledge.



Mr. Dinesh Kumar Chourasiya man of distinguished vitality and exemplary enthusiasm heads the department. He has silver hand in drawing skills which mesmrises biology students in their learing of difficult biology concepts. Mr. Sayyed Illiays Rabbani is the other power house of this department.



Mission :


  • To impart life sciences in lifefull ways.
  • To maximize use of multimedia in class room biology teaching.


Vision :


  • To build respect for life in general.
  • To help build a healthy world.


Motto :


  • We value the life.