Col T Chakravarty
Lt Col DS Mahlawat
Vice Principal

Sqn Ldr Zulfquar Hasan

Administrative Officer







Sainik School Gopalganj is one among the 26 Sainik Schools established under the aegis of Sainik School Society, Ministry of Defence, Govt of India. The school was established on 12 October 2003. The primary aim of the school is to prepare boys academically, physically and psychologically for entry into the National Defence Academy (NDA) Khadakvasla, Pune. The School fully equips students to pursue any other career with distinction, character and a desire to serve the country.


Aim:    The scheme to establish Sainik Schools was introduced in 1961 with the primary aim of preparing boys academically, physically and mentally for entry into the National Defence Academy. The schools are a brain child of Sh. V.K. Krishna Menon, the then Defence Minister. The other objectives of Sainik Schools are:-


a) To remove regional imbalance in the Officer cadre of the defence services.

b) To develop qualities of body, mind and character which will enable the young boys to become good and useful citizens. 

c) To bring Public School education within the reach of the common man.



Vision Statement


"To upgrade the schools as modern public schools offering education to childern of common man and to effectively use technology to integrate with the futuristic knowledge based society of emergning globalised world."





Shree Vengalil Krishnan Krishna Menon

(3 May 1896 – 6 October 1974)


The idea of establishing a chain of Sainik Schools in the country was conceived by late Shri V.K. Krishna Menon, the then Union Minister of Defence, in the year 1961.


Menon was an Indian nationalist, diplomat and statesman. He inspired widespread adulation and fervent detraction in both India and the West; to his supporters, he was an unapologetic champion of India in the face of Western imperialism.




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